Charity hiker Eric Robinson proved “the power of one person” for local youth charities, after raising more than $8,000 with a high-altitude trek in the US Sierra Nevada.

New Beginnings Education Trust’s Kerry Judd, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda’s Patrina O’Connor-Paynter, were on hand at AIG Bermuda to pick up cheques of $4,000 each for their charities.

“It’s not easy right now,” confessed Ms O’Connor-Paynter, otherwise known as radio personality Power Girl Trina.

“During this tough economic climate we’re very grateful for this support. Mr Robinson deciding to make his hike into a fundraiser was an awesome idea and proved that an individual can make a big difference.”

Mr Robinson lost 11 pounds and braved blistered feet to cross 160 miles of mountains over the summer to raise the money for the two charities from friends and colleagues.

AIG matched contributions made by company staff, and companies Validus Re and Allied World also chipped in. The final tally went to the Island’s at-risk youth.

“It’s an example of the power of one person,” Ms Judd said. “There’s not one individual on this Island who can’t get involved. Eric’s an example of someone with access to a lot of people in the business community. But I’ve got one volunteer who sells items at a car boot sale for New Beginnings each month and it can add up to $100 a month.

“For those who think they can’t give anything — you might not be able to give $5, but an hour of your time could raise $15 for a cause. And if every household raised or donated $15.57 per person in the home, we would meet our $1 million goal. $15.57 is doable!”

New Beginnings Education Trust is currently teamed with The Royal Gazette to raise $1 million for the charity.

The goal: to help the Mirrors Programme revive its community programme for 19- to 24-year-old men — and to support further education for graduates of Mirrors and other personal development programmes.

Donations to New Beginnings can be made to Butterfield account 20006060308881200.

For enquiries, contact trust founder Kerry Judd at newbeginningstrust@northrock.

– Article by The Royal Gazette