Our Mission

To provide quality mentoring relationships to young people in need, helping them to reach their full potential

One-to-One-Mentoring (BBBS Core Mentoring Program) – Matching children (Littles) between the ages of 5 -18 with an adult mentor over the age of 21. We match a child with a mentor, matching specific strengths and abilities of the volunteer to the needs of the child.  The Big (mentor) spends a minimum of 3 hours per week with their Little. During this time, with the support of our BBBS Case Worker, the Big helps the Little build personal values such as self-esteem, self-respect, and respect for others. The average match lasts three years; many last a lifetime!

Couple Matches:  Matching a Little Brother with a husband-and-wife team.  Each person will follow the same process as a One-to-One Match.  The couple can spend time together or individually with the Little. (This form of match is approved by BBBS International and is done in numerous BBBS agencies). 

Big Brother of the Year Ryan with his Little Brother JahNarjzi

Company Matches: The Littles will meet once a week, or once a month, at the company that they are matched with. The employees from the company help with homework, teach new skills sets, participate in community service projects, and help the Littles develop personal values. The children are able to hang out with the staff members, play games and chat.  Through these matches, Littles will have a network of people who are working together to help them reach their full potential.

Participating companies are as follows:

    • The Fidelis Partnership and Fidelis Insurance Group – This is the company that helped us to launch this initiative.
    • Guy Carpenter
    • Mosaic
    • Conduit Re
    • Kroll

    The 5C’s: The 5C’s of Youth Development have become the core pillars of our program; everything that we do is in alignment with these pillars. The 5C’s are Competence, Confidence, Connection, Character, and Caring. We have started monthly themes that fall under the 5C’s.  With these themes our Littles will receive activities they can work on with their Bigs and families.  Littles that have proven they have completed the activities that fall under the themes will be eligible for prizes.  Using the 5C’s we will also work on individual goal setting and community service projects with our Littles.  

    Girl Power: This program has the specific purpose of supporting female Littles and is focused on developing life skills for girls through group mentoring.  It provides a safe place for girls to explore their world, have new experiences, and develop positive relationships with peers and adults. It looks to positively shape the lives of girls by helping them build a positive self-image. Includes sessions designed to instill in the girls the tools to develop strategies and to learn values like responsibility, integrity, accountability, mission, and honor.  The group information/education sessions will be supported by group mentoring. During the summer they have a Girl Power empowerment event with guest speakers and empowering activities. Dr. Jana Outerbridge of Mayvera Wellness facilitates the weekly Girl Power Program.

    Boys 2 Men: This is a partnership with BBBS of Bermuda and MASC. Peer support group where boys see that their peers are facing similar challenges and receive support.  They will know that they are not alone in their struggles and learn how to support each other by finding pro-social solutions. Each boy can authentically express himself, feel listened to, and valued.  They will be empowered to speak their truth and are encouraged to take responsibility for their choices. It includes mentorship by men who model integrity, accountability, compassion, and respect.  Mentorship and role models by men who listen, encourage, and empower them. The boys also participate in fun bonding events and activities.  Through this program we also assess if there is a need for one-on-one counselling services and provide it if needed.

    Cooking 4 Life: The objective of our cooking class is to teach children a valuable life skill. By learning how to cook simple, healthy, home-made meals children will learn how to feed themselves and their families. In addition to gaining cooking skills, our aim is to teach children how to read labels and price compare while shopping.

    Unlocking Potential: The purpose of this series is to inspire and motivate our young people through Bermudians who are making huge strides in Bermuda and throughout the world. Participants will share their stories and keep it real through questions from our youth. These question-and-answer sessions take place via Zoom with Influential Bermudians and our Littles. The Littles are able to send questions in advance or ask questions LIVE. We survey the Littles to find out who they would like to hear from. They will get to hear firsthand the journey that our speakers have been on.  They will hear the importance of hard work and perseverance. We want them to leave each session inspired. Our first Unlocking Potential guest was Bermudian Football Superstar Nahki Wells. These sessions take place Quarterly.

    Parent Resources: This includes resources, workshops and funding to assist our families. Some examples of where the funding can be used are as follows: children’s educational programs, camps, counselling sessions and assistance with necessity items.

    Mothers Support Group & NEW Mothers Mentoring Program: This is a support network specifically for our mothers. A unique mentorship experience designed to support women in their journey in the world and as mothers. Assisting women who desire personal and professional guidance to help them move forward by providing a supportive environment for goal planning, skill building, and personal development.

    BBBS Christmas Pantry: This is a partnership between BBBS and the staff of Athene. The staff at Athene provide necessity items to be dispersed to BBBS Families that are in need and families identified by other helping organizations including schools.

    BBBS Kitson Scholarship: This is given to a Little who has aged out of the BBBS Core Mentoring Program who will be furthering their education overseas or in Bermuda.  This scholarship is given once per year. The amount of the scholarship is $5,000. – We are aiming to increase this to $10,000.

    BBBS Community Service: BBBS offers numerous community service opportunities for our children to participate in throughout the year. We believe it is important for our Littles to give back.

    Upcoming Programs and Community Partnerships: BBBS Gardening Program, and new company partnerships.

    NOTE: Currently BBBS services 160 children

    Ongoing match support, training, workshops, events, and activities are offered for our BBBS Family.

    For more information contact the BBBS office on 232-2802 or the BBBS cell 537-1217