Talk show host Gina Spence is launching a campaign to help fund school uniforms and supplies for hard-up families.

The Bermuda Each One Reach One Back-To-School programme hopes to keep children kitted out and stocked up for the year.

People are encouraged to donate cash or take gift certificates to the BBC offices where the Community Voices presenter is based.

Mrs Spence’s charity, Gina Spence Productions in Christ, said in a press release: “We all realise that times are hard for so many who have lost jobs or face financial setbacks due to health issues or other unforeseen situations but we, Bermuda, can come together as a community and truly make a difference.”

Mrs Spence said: “With the loss of so many jobs we can no longer say were just a pay cheque away from being homeless, rather we could be a day away from not having a job at all.

“My prayer is that those who do have will consider helping those most vulnerable our children.”

Gift certificates from suitable stores selling school uniforms, shoes or school supplies, can be taken to the BBC offices, while online donations can go through the Gina Spence Productions HSBC bank account, number 010832269001, note “Back to School”.

GSPIC will then purchase gift certificates and distribute the certificates to families in need via the Family Centre and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda.

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 – Article by The Royal Gazette