Not bad, not bad at all was the verdict from The Royal Gazette’s David Skinner after eating insects in the name of charity.

Our chief photographer agreed to eat anything put in front of him in order to raise money for mentor charity Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Bermuda.

Worms, crickets and scorpions, are what he got.

BBBS will hold its official fundraiser tonight.

How Much Would You Pay To See Me…? asks community celebrities and politicians to do all manner of crazy things in hopes that each raises a minimum of $1500 for the charity.

The event was organised by BBBS communications director Patrina O’Connor-Paynter, who is also Power 95 radio personality Power Girl 95.

The dares were supposed to be carried out last week at Harbour Nights but the event was rained out.

As Mr Skinner won’t be able to attend tonight’s event the organisers decided to film him carrying out his dare.

“I was really nervous at first but they actually didn’t taste too bad,” he said. “I want to say the scorpion tasted like chicken, but it really didn’t. It had a very unique flavour.”

The insects were flavoured with salt and vinegar, toffee and barbecue to make them more palatable. Mr Skinner even offered Mrs O’Connor-Paynter a taste of his worms. She bravely swallowed one, but then scrambled to get a drink of water. Mr Skinner, meanwhile continued to munch.

The rest of the dares will be carried out this evening at Harbour Night on Front Street between 7pm and 10pm. The dares will be split into two groups with the first at 7.50pm and the second at 8.45pm.

If you want to try gourmet bugs yourself, similar gourmet bugs are available for purchase at Miles Market and Brown & Company. For more information e-mail or visit

 – Article by The Royal Gazette