Husband-and-wife team Lindsey and Shannon Philpott have teamed up to sell T-shirts — with a twist, for their stylish Bermuda-themed T-shirts, sold under the BermuniTee brand, help to support a variety of charities.

A proportion of the sale price goes to support a variety of Bermuda charities and Ms Philpott said it was good way to help those in need.

Now the couple, who also run the Bermuda Candle Company, have opened a pop-up shop in Washington Mall to promote the new range of shirts.

Ms Philpott said: “We wanted to offer something new and modernise the Bermuda T-shirt for Bermudians and tourists as well.

“The T-shirts are fresh, all cotton and with a modern fit.”

And she added: “For each T-shirt purchase, a proportion of the profits go to charity.”

The pop-up store, which opened its doors at the start of the month and which will be open throughout December, sells the candle range as well as the T-shirts.

Ms Philpott said: “We were planning on being here for the month of December, but we’re trying to extend it because things are going so well.

“The T-shirts are selling so well, we’re trying to get a new shipment in before Christmas.”

The minimalist-style shirts feature Bermuda themes like the Island map with the word ‘home’ and BDA and its map coordinates, as well as phrases that evoke its culture.

Ms Philpott said: “People love that this is something special for locals as well.

“The T-shirt that says ‘home’ is targeted towards people that live here, have made Bermuda their home or who have lived here.”

Ms Philpott explained the idea was the brainchild of Mr Philpott, who has a background in business.

She said: “It was his idea to try and create something where we could give back as well.

“I have a background in graphic design, so I came up with the concepts.”

She added the simple designs made them easy to wear for both men and women — and for women to dress them up for nights out.

Ms Philpott said: “They’re easy to wear in a lot of ways.”

She added she and Mr Philpott were also looking at getting the T-shirts into retailers and that they were also in the process of setting up a website.

Ms Philpott said: “We’ve had some interest from retailers and we’re looking at a website for online ordering. But it’s been a bit of a whirlwind — it’s been so busy with the holiday season.”

The charities picked by the couple for support are child sex abuse protection charity Scars, Family Centre, the Bermuda Sloop Foundation, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, cancer care group Pals, the Bermuda Red Cross, animal charity the SPCA and the Salvation Army.

Ms Philpott said: “The T-shirts are an ideal way to look stylish and help charities at the same time.”

  – Article by The Royal Gazette