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In our lives, each of us shared an important connection with someone who broadened our horizons and brought a little magic into our lives.

It was the person who taught you to throw that perfect spiral, or sat in the front row to cheer you on, even when it was embarrassing. These are the little moments that Big Brothers and Big Sisters experience every day.

These testimonials are just a few of the ways Big Brothers Big Sisters is changing lives and the community in Bermuda forever.


“The relationship with my Big Brother over the past 17 years has impacted both my personal and business relationships. BBBS can change a young person’s life, because it is a life-changing organisation.”– Sergio White, Former Little Brother


“I thought it was going to be difficult to make time for my Littles, but it isn’t hard. You’d be surprised as to how much time you really have.”– Les Dziwenka, Big Brother


“Since joining the BBBS programme, I found that I am now far more patient, more understanding, more forgiving, and more aware of the different challenges that children go through both at home and at school…and a host of other things.”
– Les Dziwenka, Big Brother


“It is an honour and a privilege to be a part of such an awesome organisation. I encourage anyone who can commit the time to Big Brothers Big Sisters to do so. It takes a village to raise a child.”– Joseph Marable, Big Brother


Tribute to Martin Humphrey from BBBS

Martin Humphrey joined Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda in 1995 as a Big Brother. During his time in the programme he mentored a total of 3 Little Brothers. He also served at the committee level and in 1999 he joined the Board of Directors. Martin served as Vice-President and was also very active on the Events Committee. He was a valuable asset to BBBS and served on the Board until 2010.

Even though Martin officially left the organization he never fully walked away from us. No matter what you needed done Martin was your go to guy. He never said no… always willing to lend a helping hand. Handy man, craftsman, driver, counselor, and let’s not forget about the famous Martin Bear hug!! The office staff at BBBS loved Martin very much and had his number on speed dial. He would also pop by the office unexpectedly just to say hello if he hadn’t heard from us. He was a constant aide to the office. One thing that he is most noted for is being the creator of our beautiful Big of the Year cedar plaques. Martin will surely be missed.

I have a few tributes from some of the BBBS family past and present:

Martin was a man of little words with such a humble spirit. You were always greeted with a hug n a smile. May your soul Rest in Peace my friend.
Dionne Dowling

I am very sad to hear of the recent passing of Martin Humphrey who I first met about 20 years ago through Big Brothers Big Sisters Bermuda. Martin was a gentle giant who always found time to give to others whether it was through his community service or making fine woodwork. Thank you Martin for all you did for Bermuda’s community especially the youth. Thank you for your bear hugs, your smile, your laughter and your dedication and commitment to making the world a little brighter. You will be sadly missed by your family, friends and your extended family at BBBS.
May you rest in eternal peace.
Maria Sofianos

I will always remember how he’d light up whenever I greeted him by yelling his name the way they did for ‘Martin’ on the TV show. His response was always equally amped.
Submitted by Syrica Richardson:

Martin was a loving and compassionate man and his love for Bermuda was unparalleled. His commitment to our youth and their development spoke to the genuine love that he possessed. Even in the detail of his hand crafted Cedar awards that he made from scratch for BBBS communicated love, commitment and dedication. We are better people for having met Martin. May his spirit live on in all of us.
Submitted by Dwayne Caines

Martin was a hard working man. A person you could always depend on. He had a creative hand and an artistic talent. I will never forget the time when he made a beautiful wooden gift for my first grandchild, I was so excited and appreciative!!
I can reflect back on many unique experiences I had with Martin but most of all I will miss those great big Bear hugs that I used to get from him and to top it off he would lift me up from off the ground and spin me around! What an awesome man Martin was!
I looked up to him and he will be greatly missed by me and no doubt by many who knew him.
At this time, I give my deep and sincere condolences to his family and friends.
May your hearts not be weighed down by sorrow but may the peace of Jehovah sustain you and console your minds and hearts always, Amen!
Agape love from Dinamae Richardson and Family

Martin was one the most kindest, thoughtful and caring people I have ever met and he always put a smile on my face. No matter what request anyone asked of him Martin was always there to assist.
Submitted by Rosette Simons

During our thank your Mentor celebration this January we were pleased to honor Martin for his dedication to BBBS. Afterwards he told me he would get me back because he did not expect this type of surprise. But I could tell he was happy. We never thought that would be the last BBBS event that he would be a part of.

In honor of Martin’s life and commitment to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda we would like to rename the Big of the Year Award to the Martin Humphrey Big of the Year award. We would also like to present his fiancé Kim Ball with a special BBBS t-shirt.
It was truly a pleasure knowing and serving with Martin. To us he wasn’t just a volunteer or a friend… he was family… We will miss our angel.
Lovingly submitted by the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda Family.

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